Advisory Board

Colin Blakemore,  UK

Gary Egan, Australia

Bai Lu, China

Kwok-Fai So, HK, China




Peter Fox, USA


Vice Chairs


Willy Colier,  Netherlands
Guo Dan,  China
Hong Li,  China
Ping Li, USA
Yuejia Luo, China
Katsuo Tamaoka, Japan
Gui Xue, China




Veronica Kwok, HK, China


Secretary General    


Ke Zhou, China


Deputy Secretaries General 


Sachiko Kiyama, Japan
Yi Lei, China
Min Xu, China



The council members are empowered to make all decisions, in particular:


  Administer and manage the assets and property of the Society;


  Convene, and supervise the organization of Annual Meetings of the Society and meetings or workshops organized or sponsored by the Society;


  Convene the Membership for voting and consultations by mail;


  Appoint Committees and Commissions of the Society;


  Appoint delegates or representatives of the Society to international conferences or meetings;


  Implement the decisions of the Membership;


  Submit annual and other reports, and the annual financial reports.




Veronica Kwok        

TBA Treasurer

Responsible for the administration and the management of the assets and property of the Society, preparation of budgets and financial reports, financial planning, investment policy, supervision of financial matters of Annual and other Meetings.