Article I:

The name of this organization shall be International Society of Neuroscience (known herein as ISON).


Article II:

ISON is registered in accordance with the provisions of Section 5A (1) of the Societies Ordinance at Licensing Office of Hong Kong Police Force. It is a non-profit, international academic organization, dedicated to advancing the understanding of the structure and the function of the brain.


Article III:

The purposes of ISON shall be to promote international cooperation of inter-disciplinary fields ranging from neuroimaging, genetics, neurosurgery and computer science. It is aimed to organize academic activities related to neuroscience research, including:

1.Organize a variety of international conferences and workshops, and providing academic support for treatment of neurological disorders and diseases.

2.Participate and promote Neuroscience Research, academic support and academic visits;

3.Disseminate information about Brain Sciences to the Hong Kong society.


Article IV:

Members of ISON shall be scholars or professionals who are interested in promoting the purpose of ISON and have achieved a standard of excellence as a scientist conducting empirical research in the field of the Neuroscience, or in related disciplines.

Nominations of individuals for membership must be received by the Secretary and accompanied by recommendations from two existing members of ISON. All applications shall be processed and approved by ISON.


Article V:

The General Assembly shall be the highest governing body of the Society. It shall normally be held once every year. The authority of the General Assembly includes:

1.Draft and modify the Constitution of the Society;

2.Nominate, elect, dismiss or recall the Chair;

3.Deliberate annual report and financial statements of the Society;

4.Pass a resolution to dissolve the Society;

5.Determine policy and mission of the Society;

6.Make final decisions on all significant matters involving the Society.


Article VI:

The President is the founder of the Society. The Chair shall be responsible for the following duties:

1.Assemble and chair meetings of the members;

2.Approve and sign all contracts and other instruments of ISON;

3.Nominate potential Committee members, having sought advice and approval from the General Assembly.


Article VII:

The source of financing of ISON:

1.Subsidies and donation;

2.Conference registration fees;

3.Income incurred by all kinds of technology exchange, consultations and exhibitions organized by ISON;


5.Other legitimate income.


Article VIII:

All assets shall be exclusively allocated to carry out the purposes of the organization only. Distribution of assets among members is prohibited.


Article IX:

In case of any activity cancellation or termination, the Chair shall make a motion for termination of the act.


Article X:

All motion for termination incurred in the Society shall be approved by the General Assembly.


Article XI:

Upon dissolution, the disposition of all assets of ISON, if any, shall be decided by the General Assembly that dissolves the organization. In the event that ISON is dissolved, it shall pay and make provisions for the payment of all of the liabilities, no other activities shall be held.